Sell My Car Online Fast

Our online car buying service was born out of several years of experience in the car industry; selling a car is widely regarded as a stressful experience and we wanted to do something to change the way people sell their cars and create an easy, hassle-free system.We launched our online business to provide customers with an easy, convenient and civilized method of selling a car; we buy any car that is less than 8 years old and has less than 8,000 miles on the clock and if you’re ready to sell your car online, we can give you a fair and accurate valuation in a matter of minutes.We have worked hard to ensure that our service has a host of benefits for consumers and solves many of the problems commonly experienced by people who want to sell a car. Junk Car Systems is easy to navigate and the process only takes a few minutes.We want to buy your car, so enter your registration number now and enjoy the following benefits:

We use specific details about your car to ensure that the offer price we give you reflects the market value of your car; we don’t work on assumptions and the price you see on the offer page will be the sum you receive, provided that the information you give us is correct.Fair and accurate valuations

It takes just a few minutes for us to give you an offer and it is completely up to you whether or not you choose to accept the valuation. If you’re not happy with the price, we won’t hassle or pressure you and you can always come back to us once you’ve had time to think.

Our service is designed to be as convenient as possible; the valuation process is very simple and quick, we use professional drivers and we travel to you at no extra cost. We cover all UK postcodes and you can arrange for us to meet you at home, at work or any other convenient location. Quite simply, if you want to sell a car, we will buy your car and we use instant bank transfers so that you can access your money straight away.

Our service is free of charge; there are no administration fees, no bank fees and no charge for collection.